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Commercial Business Litigation

Commercial Business Litigation

Breach of Contract Cases

A business dispute is usually based upon complex contracts with multiple layers of clauses, addendums, riders and other legalistic agreements. As such, any resulting litigation, settlement negotiations, motion work and trial will likely be correspondingly complicated. It is important to have an attorney with trial experience, who is familiar with breach of contract cases, understands the law and knows about the realities of business dispute litigation. Attorney Robert Davant has significant trial experience and has successfully litigated many breach of contract cases. Davant & Associates accepts commercial business litigation cases on a contingency fee. If your business is suffering because of an unjustified breach of contract we offer free initial consultations. We also defend commercial business litigation cases for a competitive hourly rate of $300.00 per hour.

Business Insurance Bad Faith

After faithfully paying premiums on an insurance policy for years, business owners are often shocked, angered and dismayed when a claim is made only to have it be wrongfully disputed by an insurance carrier. Many people think that they have no recourse when an insurance company denies a business claim. This is not the case since an insurance company has a fiduciary duty to timely investigate and settle claims. You may have an actionable cause of action against your insurance company for any of the following deceptive practices:

  • Low Bailing- a common practice employed by the insurance industry in making unreasonably low offers to compensate for damages under a claim;
  • Delay or denial of a claim without legitimate reason;
  • Underpaying a claim for a covered loss;
  • Failing to pay a claim for a covered loss;
  • Ambiguous policy wording;
  • Failure to investigate or perform due diligence;
  • Breach of fiduciary duties;
  • Failure to timely investigate claims;
  • Causing delay in necessary medical treatment;
  • Delay in payment while waiting on a settlement with a third party insurer;
  • Refusing a settlement offer and then losing in Court for an amount larger than is provided for in a policy limit;
  • Errors or omissions on the part of insurance brokers or agents that impact a policy holders ability to collect;
  • Negligence, bad faith or fraudulent practices with respect to insurance policies or insurance coverage.
  • Denying a claim without investigation.

Business Disputes

Business relationships can easily turn adversarial when corporate finances are at stake. Disputes can arise under a variety of circumstances; this sometimes occurs when a dishonest individual or company breaches or interferes with an agreement, engages in deceptive business practices or commits fraud.  Davant & Associates investigates and prosecutes civil cases involving business disputes including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duties;
  • Partnership disputes;
  • Interference with prospective clients;
  • Vendor/ vendee disputes;
  • Tortious interference with contracts;
  • Breach of warranty cases;
  • Merger and acquisitions disputes;
  • Technology and biotechnology disputes
  • Trade secret infringement;
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Trade mark and copyright infringement;
  • Investment disputes;
  • Healthcare fraud lawsuits;
  • Business fraud cases

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