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"It could have been prevented. That is the message to the pharmaceutical companies. Respect us."

Juror Derrick Chizer
Juror on first Vioxx case against Merck to go to trial.

Pharmaceutical Injuries

Pharmaceutical Injuries

Pharmaceutical litigation has become more and more prominent in today’s society with the proliferation of new drugs coming on the market each year.

Unfortunately, all too often drug manufacturers put profit ahead of safety. Injuries suffered as a result of dangerous and defective pharmaceutical products can cause devastating injuries and death. Davant & Associates has successfully litigated such pharmaceutical/ wrongful death cases. We are currently considering accepting the following types of pharmaceutical cases:

  • Antidepressants Causing Birth Defects
  • Zoloft Birth Defects
  • Paxil Birth Defect Cases
  • Actos Bladder Cancer Claims
  • Ephedra or Efedrine Induced Injuries
  • Reglan
  • Topamax

These cases can be particularly difficult to undertake for persons taking multiple pharmaceutical prescriptions with multiple side effects. In order to have a viable case, a litigant must be able to show that a dangerous drug was the proximate cause of injuries or death. Attorney, Robert Davant has experience in litigating pharmaceutical cases and is familiar with how to handle such complex cases often involving multi- district litigation.

Davant & Associates accepts Pharmaceutical Injury cases on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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