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Air Bag Failures

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Catastrophic and serious injuries can occur when a motor vehicle air bag either fails to deploy or deploys unexpectedly.

A defective air bag can change a person’s life in an instant when it does not work in the way it was designed, marketed and sold. Blindness may occur if an airbag unexpectedly hits a person in the face. These types of injuries demand special attention in order to obtain the justice that victims and their families deserve. When a person is involved in accident and air bags fail to work as intended, all too often it leads to catastrophic injuries. In turn, these injuries may cause mental anguish, lost wages or inability to work, costs of past and future medical bills, physical pain and suffering and consequential damages.  Air bag injuries occur when there is a:

  • Failure to Deploy In an Accident
  • Unexpected Deployment
  • The Air bag Itself Causes Catastrophic Injuries 

Davant & Associates will fight for all the money damages you deserve as a result of your air bag injuries caused by defective design, manufacture or installation.  Sometimes air bags are improperly replaced after an accident causing them to malfunction at a later date. These “airbag kits’ can be wrongly installed, substandard in quality or deceptively marketed. Such kits can be the product of unscrupulous internet marketers, negligent repair shops, or used car dealerships. In some instances car dealerships have modified the steering column to put ‘kill switches” in a vehicle enabling them to make a vehicle immobile in the event of nonpayment. These types of “kill switch” mechanisms in the steering column can prevent the deployment of an air bag when needed.

It is important to contact us before you surrender an automobile to an insurance company after an accident since most vehicles are now equipped with a black box that contains essential information about the air bag deployment or non- deployment. 


Approximately 1.33 million Ford F-150s were recalled due to unintended airbag deployments. This recall was the result of findings by the national Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to reports this issue is caused by improperly placed wire in the steering wheel, causing insulation to rub off, resulting in short circuit and inadvertent deployment. The recall involved in this particular recall had to do with models produced between November 2004 and June 2006.

Whether or not there has been a recall of a particular make and model, you may very well have a case if you have been injured by an airbag. Davant & Associates is uniquely qualified to handle these types of cases. Attorney Robert Davant has successfully litigated cases where air bags have failed to deploy when they are supposed to, and cases when they deploy unexpectedly causing serious injuries. We will thoroughly investigate your claim, document and gather evidence, have appropriate experts review your medical records and vigorously pursue your case. 

If you have a catastrophic or serious injury as a result of a malfunctioning air bag, you deserve to be compensated!Call Davant and Associates today for a free consultation (412) 519- 2274
send an e-mail directly to Attorney Robert Davant, or submit your case online for a fee case evaluation. 

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