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Congress Passes Bill that Could Reduce Trucking Accidents; Special Interest Group Seek to Amend It.

The trucking industry is required to abide by a host of regulations to improve the safety of trucks and the road who share the road with them. These rules include such measures as a cap on the amount of hours a driver can travel before taking a mandated rest, weight limits, and maintenance schedules. These rules attempt to greatly reduce the numbers of truck accidents.

Congress recently passed an independent measurement tool that can determine if drivers are taking the breaks that they claim they are taking. Electronic On Board Recorders, or EOBRs, are that independent tool. The American Trucking Association said that EOBRs would help improve safety on the nation’s highways. However the Owner Operator Driver’s Association opposes the legislation, saying further regulation would hurt an already struggling industry.

Congress recently addressed the issue, passing a comprehensive transportation bill that would require trucks to have EOBRs to ensure compliance with truckers’ hours on the road. Some House members are placing special interests ahead of the safety of people on the nation’s highways. They are now adding an Amendment to the legislation that would preclude mandatory EOBRs by eliminating federal funding used to enforce and carry out the new requirement. It is unknown how the Amendment will fair in the Senate.

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